2024 Term 3 - Junior Badminton (Thursdays)

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Junior Badminton Training Program: Terms & Conditions

Welcome! We're excited to have you join our fun and rewarding junior badminton training program for ages 8-16!

2024 Term 3 Program Details:

  • Program Dates: Thursday, July 18th, 2024 - Thursday, September 19th, 2024 (8 weeks)
  • Program Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm Thursdays
  • Age Group: 8-16 years old

Enrollment & Payment:

New Participants:

  • Registration: Complete the online registration form using your child's details. Choose one of the following membership options:
    • Shuttle Smash 2024 (Kids Program)
    • Temporary Member MCBC 2024 (Only for Program Registration)
  • Payment: Fees must be paid online before program commencement to avoid administrative delays.

Returning Participants:

  • Registration: If your child participated in a previous term, please use their existing username and password to register.
  • Payment: Fees must be paid online before program commencement to avoid administrative delays.

Safety & Responsibility:

  • Parental Supervision (8-12 years old): A parent/guardian must be present at the venue for children aged 8-12 during the program.
  • General Safety: All participants must follow the coach's instructions and adhere to safety guidelines. Running around the court unsupervised is strictly prohibited. Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring their child's behavior complies with safety regulations.
  • Medical Concerns: Inform the coach of any pre-existing medical conditions your child may have.
  • Non-Participating Children: For safety reasons, children who are not actively participating in the program must stay away from the badminton courts to avoid any potential safety risks. Parents/guardians must supervise all non-participating children.
  • Obstruction-Free Environment: Please avoid any actions that could obstruct the play and training of others, such as leaving equipment or belongings on the court.

Program Environment:

  • Friendly Atmosphere: We value a positive and inclusive environment on and off the court. Bullying or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Sportsmanship: Encourage good sportsmanship and respect for teammates and coaches.

What to Bring & What We Provide:

  • Racquet & Water Bottle: Bring your child's badminton racquet and a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated during training.
  • Shuttlecocks & Courts: We provide badminton courts, shuttlecocks and required training kits for the program. Please use and return it.
  • Changing Facilities: Changing rooms are available at the venue for your convenience.

Helping Hands

We encourage parents who are able to volunteer their time to support the program. This could involve helping with equipment, supervising groups, or assisting coaches.

Attendance & Fees:

  • Fee Absence: Fees will not be reimbursed for program absences.

Safety First:

  • Everyone's Safety: Everyone's safety is our priority. Please be aware of your surroundings, avoid hitting others with your racquet, and alert a committee member of any potential safety hazards.
  • Clear the Court: When leaving the court after your training session, please ensure used shuttlecocks are collected, your belongings are retrieved, and the court is clear for incoming players.

By enrolling your child, you agree to these terms and conditions and the Cobblebank Stadium conditions of entry as outlined in link to Cobblebank Stadium Conditions of Entry.

We look forward to a fantastic badminton journey together!


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