Shuttle Smash

Information for Parents

The Shuttle Smash program is Badminton Australia's first national participation program that was established in 2022 with the help of Sport Australia .The focus of the Shuttle Smash program is to contribute to the development of young children (aged 5-12 years) and give them the tools for a healthy and active lifestyle long into the future. Importantly the Shuttle Smash program looks to build a child's Physical Literacy through developing fine motor skills, cognition, physical fitness and strength, social skills and giving them the confidence to move their bodies. 

Who is it for?

The Shuttle Smash program is for children between then ages of 5 and 12 years old from all walks of life. Within the Shuttle Smash program there are two age brackets; Junior Smashers, children between 5-8 years old and the Shuttle Smashers, children between 9-12 year old. Badminton is the worlds most accessible sport because of its low-impact nature, and it can be as challenging or simple as the players choose, it's why grandparents can play with their grand children and have an awesome time! 


How does it run?

The Shuttle Smash program is based in lesson plans that can be used in any format that the Leaders deem appropriate for their needs. There are 10 X 60 minute lesson plans.


Where does it lead to?

The Shuttle Smash program itself is focused on building physical literacy in young children, this includes developing numeracy skills, literacy skills, communication skills, social skills and plenty more. While based in badminton the skills and experience gained as part of the program will set a child up to take part in many other sports. As part of the Badminton Australia Pathway, the Shuttle Smash program is at the beginning of the pathway, for participants the next step would be to engage in more regular badminton with a club and possibly experience competition and coaching. 

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