Melton City Badminton Club Inc

Melton City Badminton Club offer adult and junior memberships.

We offer annual membership:

  • 12-month adult membership is $25, from 1st January to 31st December the same year.
  • Junior Membership  is $25, from 1st January to 31st December the same year

Join now to be part of a friendly and sociable group of passionate badminton players

Membership of the Melton City Badminton Club has its rewards!

  1. You're eligible to avail below discounts: 
    • Social Badminton play is $10 for a session for adults.
    • Junior Playing fee  - $5 per child per session
  2. Comprehensive playing insurance available through affiliation with Badminton Victoria.
  3. Can participate in various club competitions and social events during the year

Privacy Consent

We value your privacy and ensure that all information collected by us is treated as confidential in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles as set out by the Australian Government – Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. This information is only used for the purposes of maintaining a register of our members and meeting reporting needs as required for continued use of the Cobble bank Stadium.

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