Tuesday Social Play

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Registrations for this event are closed.



Please be mindful of whether you can actually make it to the social! If you cannot make it to the social after signing up please let us know via message or email.


We mark session attendance.

  1. We encourage all players to play with each other, regardless of playing level or background.
  2. We use a rotational system: join any court, warm up, play a game of doubles to 21 points, and then come off court to give the next players a turn on court.
  3. Everyone is expected to be considerate in waiting their fair turn to play. Players who are found to be "queue-jumping" will be given a warning, and subsequently asked to leave if necessary.
  4. The "social" aspect of our sessions is important. Be friendly on and off court, play with a variety of different opponents, and make some new friends!
  5. We provide shuttlecocks and courts; you will need to bring your own racquet. There are change rooms at the venue. Please use shuttles judiciously to keep the cost low for running the program.
  6. As a not-for-profit volunteer run club, we appreciate your help in setting up nets before play, taking off nets after play, collect used shuttles in a bucket and unused shuttles in a tube and hand it over to the club.
  7. Please maintain safe practises, avoid bringing kids for social play. In unavoidable circumstance, if you bring child make sure they do not obsrtuct the play and they stay safe and away from the courts.
  8. If you have any questions or concerns, our committee members are always happy to have a chat!

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